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Hook Mill Estates

One of America's earliest English settlements, the Village of East Hampton provides a rich record of the architecture and agricultural way of life in early America.

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Katie Rosenfeld Design

Katie Rosenfeld Design is a turn key, full service design firm with a traditional, colorful approach. Katie is well known for her liberal use of color and pattern, and her ability to design family spaces that have classic good looks and a practical foundation.

Summer cottage
Featured Coastal Living House Plan

Summer Cottage

This cottage is the essence of charming simplicity. A functional, efficient, three-bedroom home, it has spacious interiors and a place for all your activities and belongings. The kitchen, dining room, and living area are open to the outdoors, while a large screened porch expands the living area during mild weather.

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10 Best Beach Towns to Visit in Winter

Some winter vacations are for carving ski turns, others for building castles in the sand. Which of these 10 coastal communities will be your winter destination this year?