Coastline cottage
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Coastline Cottage

Architects Jeff Dungan and Louis Nequette of Birmingham capture the essence of beachfront living in a clever design with plenty of room for friends and family.

Dana small designs matildas
Featured Coastal Living Designer

Katie Rosenfeld Design

Katie Rosenfeld Design is a turn key, full service design firm with a traditional, colorful approach. Katie is well known for her liberal use of color and pattern, and her ability to design family spaces that have classic good looks and a practical foundation.

Summer cottage
Featured Coastal Living House Plan

Summer Cottage

This cottage is the essence of charming simplicity. A functional, efficient, three-bedroom home, it has spacious interiors and a place for all your activities and belongings. The kitchen, dining room, and living area are open to the outdoors, while a large screened porch expands the living area during mild weather.

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